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A polymorphic magic engine

Autodidact. Trans-disciplinary. Visionary. Heather Joi has interfaced with the world under many guises, but always as an artist.

Heather Joi, the Polymorph

"Art isn't what I do; it's who I am." -Heather Joi

In computer programming language, polymorphism entails multiple entities existing in the same form simultaneously.

Heather Joi’s painting process combines psychic automatism and traditional painting techniques. Her mythical, mystical art draws inspiration from nature, resembling landscapes, plants, clouds, vapor, microorganisms, fungi, and bones, which come together in to form a visceral portal into fanciful worlds inhabited by creatures created from symbols.

Steeped in Tradition

As a painter, Heather Joi began her work studying the Masters' techniques. This has granted her the freedom to venture out into her own artistic world while still relying upon the proved lineage of craftsmanship.

Surreal Inspirations

In modern art, automatism refers to creating art without conscious thought, letting one's unconscious be the guide. Heather Joi calls her process, "A union of dreams and ideals."

Innovating on Techniques

Compared to early automatism, Joi’s work is not entirely left to chance. Instead her signature conventions have entailed a selective practice wherein trained movements become ‘automatic’ unconscious entities.

An Artist's Language

This makes each painting part a self-propelled wheel, letting the unconscious emerge, thoughtfully examining it, and then letting it sink into unconsciousness again.

"Her vibrant paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces reflect her amazing performances. They are often brilliant red in palette, warm with love. Filled with powerful, whirling lines and strokes, they capture life and imaginary events where motion plays the lead role."

-Doreen Bolger, former Director at Baltimore Museum of Art

"As a hopeful dreamer it is my desire that as you gaze into these various hallucinatory mirror clouds that you perceive something of yourself and rise completely in love."


-Heather Joi

From the Mountains

Hailing from one of the oldest family lines of West Virginia and presently living in Maryland, Heather Joi has exhibited and performed for over 15 years.

Nestled amidst such a vast array of fine art, she has also made forays into set design, experimental film, dance, performance, and music.

Every visit to the world of Heather Joi is an adventure within the viewers own subconscious. Will it be terrifying, or exhilarating?

We invite you to explore further and join in the journey.


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